Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Van Gogh's Patch of Grass.

I just think this is interesting. Undated handout picture shows a painting underneath Van Gogh's famous work 'Patch of grass' in Hamburg. Scientists have made a coloured view of an early rejected painting underneath Vincent van Gogh's 'Patch of Grass' painting, using advanced X-ray techniques, a Dutch university said on Wednesday.

The very detailed image shows the face of a woman and may give art historians a better understanding of the way
Van Gogh developed as a painter.

"It is estimated that one third of Vincent van Gogh's early paintings have been painted on top of existing ones. Van Gogh literally recycled his own canvasses," scientist Joris Dik of the Delft University of Technology said.

Conventional X-ray techniques give a colorless, partial view of the hidden painting and only show vague contours of a person behind 'Patch of Grass', the university said.

By recycling his work Van Gogh painted many layers over the original painting but the scientists managed to scan all the different elements in those layers of the relevant area with X-ray fluorescence.

"We can make a virtual 3-dimensional model of the painting and start to peel off all the layers one by one. Then we get a nice detailed view of the hidden face," Dik said.

Van Gogh painted 'Patch of grass' in 1887 in Paris and it hangs in the Kroller-Muller museum in the Dutch eastern city of Otterlo.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Snack and Stack.

Can't wait to use these snack and stack utensils. The silicone handles of these mid-size utensils lock together securely for easy storage and packing, not to
mention endless amusement.

Jack-et the Pillow.

I definitely want to bring this one home. It's a jacket pillow from Mexican designer Ximena "El conejo" Orozco.

I Go Wherever You Go, Honey.

One more extraordinary design from Takeshi Miyakawa. It's a simple and thoughtful chair, or is it chairs?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Engrave Your Mac or Die Bored.

Bored with your black smooth mac? Why don't you just engrave it? Make it more personal. More you. You can also engraved your Moleskine notebooks and make it one and only.

A Compact and Multi-Purpose Drawer for Me.

Put what and where? No worries, there's a place for everything. Takeshi Miyakawa is based in Brooklyn, and it is from there that he produces this thoughtful, substance-full and beautiful design called fractal 23. This' just perfect for my home. Sometimes I have too many stuff that I don't even know where to keep which.

Put More Books and More Books and More...

Nice one. An elastic book shelf to put in your living room. Just make you want to read....

Counting to the Number Four.

I love this one so much! Very creative, educative, and entertaining. Listen to Feist singing 1,2,3,4 -the Sesame Street version- makes my day even brighter. I bet kids love this too. Should teach them the lyrics. If math is this fun, I wouldn't miss a day!

Hacked Flash Disk.

No, nothing's wrong with your usb cable. It's just your usb flash drive! Cool huh! Should have this kind of flash drive. No one will steal my data since they all think it's just one torn usb cable. Oh, and it has 2-gig capacity! Even better!

Your Own Finish Line

Finish line doormat. Isn't that satisfying, going home as a winner everyday? Design by Ken Goldman.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Animal Prints by Catherine Ledner

Could they be any cuter? Catherine Ledner is a photographer with so much passion to animals (and wallpaper maybe?).