Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Duct Tapes Illustration.

“Emily, Arielle, and Helen” by Mark Khaisman, a tape art creator. I mean, yeah, it's made from duct tapes! Amazing isn't it? Just when you think you've tried everything....

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Pay Phone.

I wonder if the illustrator of this illustration has been living in my country... Cause the pay phone (and its condition) looks just the same with what we have here in Indonesia. Bluish, usually out of service, and decorated with dirty graffiti. ^-^

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A Shirt with a Tie.

So, don't have time to pick a tie huh? Well this dress shirt with a tie is a smart solution then. The black Jersey tie is already sewn to the shirt.

Puccino's Cup.

Well, I would buy anything just for the cup. Such an inspiring and encouraging design isn't it? This is the first time I could say, the one that wakes you up is the design, not the drink... Really, I don't care what's inside... Is it coffee? Or tea? Doesn't matter. Just give me the cup! ^-^

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Face Logo.

Nice logo isn't it? Clean and simple, but with a modern type of font.

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Faceless But Not Cuteless.

Designed and hand made by Isabel Molto, I think this Wunder-Toy-Isabel is a cute 'faceless' creature.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Olympic 2016 Logo.

I like the Tokyo logo most. Very nice and sophisticated.

The Mouse of Love.

Actually I found this in Getty Images. But it's just so cute that I decide to post it here. Anyone knows where can I find this cute little mouse of love?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Muwi The Mower.

I would say this is incredible but.... It is Incredible! Imagine that.... How cutting grass could be so much fun! 'Muwi' here is a concept tubular mower that 'magically' figures out the size of your garden and rolls around to mow your lawn by itself. As the cut grass begins to accumulate inside the machine, ‘Muwi’ constructs and compresses the cut grass into compact balls or discs, then pops it out so you can play with it, or make a stack of grass sculpture. It will look good on your garden. Definitely a must-buy.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

IKON Eastside.

IKON Eastside building at Birmingham Digbeth District. So inspired by the bold and determined "I Am What I am". That big and breezy, I couldn't have forgotten it ^-^.

Tamsin Ainslie.

A poem illustration by Tamsin Ainslie. Nice and peaceful isn't it?

Letter Pressed Designs.

Found this also at 'On My Desk'. The illustrations are so nice that I decided to just post it here ^-^. Letter pressed by Mark Begley, the first picture is made by Jeremy Fish, while the second one is made by Kathie Olivas. Very nice.

On My Desk.

Found an interesting blog today. On My Desk is a blog about artist's and creative people's work spaces. It's quite fun and inspiring seeing other creative people's desks and spaces. It shows me a glance about how they work and manage things. My friend once told me, if you are admitting to be (or you want to be) really good in something, then you have to be willing to pay the prices. Here in this blog I see people who have paid their prices. A cozy and inspiring place. A complete sets of whatever pen you need (if your an illustrator), and other 'important' things (technology, nice interior design, gadgets, furniture accessories, etc) to gain your existence (and people's attention of course, as well as their assurance).

Lego Charger.

Another Lego stuff! (These Lego things have already begun to consume me... ^-^). Anyway, This is a Lego Charger for your PSP. And the good news, it cost you only 6 bucks!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sock Monsters.

What a cute thing by Monster Munch! I even smiled for a few seconds when I see this. It was about a second or two after that, when I shouted, I want this thing! And ta-da! Monster Munch lets me know how to make my own!

Alfie The Robin.

Introducing.... Alfie, a curious little fellow who loves to dress up as his favourite characters and creatures! Made by Sew Sew, this cute litlle Robin is adorable!

The Typecube.

I would say this is the 'Tangram' of typography. An amazing project by Chris Clarke. Play with the blocks and find out what your ideal font looks like.

Lego Robot.

What's so different about this? Well, it's a Lego robot by Adrian Florea. Made from Lego parts. But not the 'exact' part. The nose is a helmet. The shoes are made of baseball caps. Cool huh? So if you have so many Lego toys, try to make something other than what it's designed for. If it's designed to be a boat, make a car. If it's supposed to be a car, make a plane. Because, like we all know, there's no limit in creativity ^-^.

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Shel Silverstein.

My friend likes Shel Silverstein very much. So this post is dedicated to her ^-^. Personally, I am just amazed by how multi talented Shel is. During the time of his life, he was a successful and famous American Poet, song writer, musician, composer, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author. He wrote the music and lyrics of 'A Boy Named Sue' that was performed by Johnny Cash (for which he won a Grammy in 1970). Many of his songs are just like his poems; funny, innocent, free, loving, and touching. I've once read one of his books "The Giving Tree" about a kind tree that keeps giving until it has nothing more to give. That story has rent a room inside my mind and never left.

So, when you're good in everything, what would you do? Shel decided to devote his life to children. A noble choice.

Gravesend's Deadend.

Nice typography by Chris Clarke. Unfortunate stories behind it though. You might want to take a deeper look on to the typography sets, and soon you will feel the creepy feelings of a 'dead end'.

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Cup Cosies.

A hot tea or coffee in the morning would be nice. Even nicer with this hand made Cup Cosies by Sew Sew ^-^.

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Freakin' Fish Flops.

I'm not sure is this cool or not cool, but this' just creative. And I'm a freak of creativity ^-^. So when a terrible smell comes from your feet, just blame the fish as an excuse! ^-^

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Judge A Man by The Work of His Hands.

Rather than how amusing is this design by Alex Bec, I am more attracted to the phrase. And I agree to it, totally. It was just a few days ago when I got a bit angry to some people who don't work their best, but wants praises. Really, we should 'judge people by the work of their hands'. If they work good, their works will defend them, even in front of people who dislike them. But if they don't work good, they shouldn't expect people to defend them, because even their own works can't. So the conclusion is, you are measured by the work of your hands. So better work good, right?

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Drain Pipe Cabin.

Looking for an even weirder adventure into the wild? You might want to stay at this concrete drain pipe cabin. Like comfy little cabins, the accommodations at Dasparkhotel in Austria, consist of three sections of big concrete drain pipe, with a very cool minimalist feel. Your tube will be very private, supplied with 220V power, double bed, skylight window, decorative wall art, a double door and even storage space! So this is a comfortable cabin after all.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Eater.

Ain't this cute? One more fun-tastic product by Seto, the husband and wife team Keita & Naoyo Seto. Seto's concept is to learn from living things. So every product is a result of their study of human, plants, or animals behavior. This one shows the mechanism of eating and swallowing, in a very-very adorable way.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Love You More Than...

Get creative folks! That challenge has been wandering around us lately. If you're talking about love, you are obliged to be creative; and by creative, I also mean, personal. So don't just buy an ordinary "I Love You" card on Valentine, and just let the card express your feelings to your loved ones. Be creative people. You are free to do that. And don't be afraid of being not creative. If your love comes with a truthful heart, I believe, it also comes with a handful of silly -might be unexpected- but beautiful words, phrases, idioms, metaphors, or even suppositions, filling up your brains like a waterfall. Write it down and make every piece of your special day with your true love... special.

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Smoking Gun (Literally).

I found this one very fun to look at. You know, if you don't understand how bad smoking is for your health, maybe this metaphorical accessory called Smoking Gun could help you think more clearly. You smoke, you die. You die, we say... good bye...? I mean, nobody cares for your health. Except you.


I just can't help my self to write another post about another laptop sleeve. I'm not a laptop sleeve collector, and to be honest, I don't even have a laptop sleeve. I only have a simple rounded laptop backpack. But I'm telling you, I'm just a big fan of the sleeves. I'm so curious about how and when those laptop sleeves got very creative and inspiring, and stopped being ordinary laptop sleeves?

Anyway, this laptop sleeve, is inspired by Furoshiki, a big sheet of cloth which wraps various things of different sizes; a Japanese traditional tool. The purpose of this Furoshiki laptop sleeve is to make people experience the art of tying, winding, or wrapping. Something Asian are especially good at.

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