Monday, August 23, 2010

ABC Chairs.

Also think it would be nice to put these ABCChairs in my room... Rotterdam designer Roeland Otten has designed a collection of 26 chairs, each spelling out one letter of the alphabet. The seats can then be arranged to form words. Or, in my opinion, let's make my name with these chairs. At least, my nickname...^^

Carro Lungi.

Wowww, this is a cute one. I can imagine putting one of these in my room. Would be very nice... You know what, I think it could be a nice desk. Make small adjustments, put some here and there, add a cute chair... perfect! Designers Ciszak Dalmas actually made this hand-cart to display garments made from Indian sarongs by fashion designer Kavita Parmar of Raasta.

Flex by Georgi Manassiev.

A very nice and ergonomic Flex chair by Design products graduate Georgi Manassiev, presented at the Royal College of Art graduate show in London.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skeleton Hanger.

This is just what I need. And it made me smile too...^^... Maybe because it is exactly what I need.... I got to many hangers hanging on the back of my bedroom door, and it just made my room look extra cluttered. And this Skeleton Hanger is a problem solver. Made by London designer Roger Arquer, it allows several shirts to be held on the same clothes hanger.

Cube Watch.

I want this watch! German designer Matthias Zschaler has made this concept watch, taking its geometry from an isometric drawing of a cube.